Missing dimensions & data gaps

Missing dimensions & data gaps represent two separate but related strands of research which are explored below. The Missing Dimensions project was one of OPHI's first two research projects when it began in 2007. Data gaps remain an active area of research for OPHI and include the new concept of social connectedness and belonging led by OPHI Research Fellow, Kim Samuel.  

Missing Dimensions (2007-2014)

This section includes papers profiling dimensions of poverty that are often missing from standard household survey datasets but are important to poor participants, such as informal and unsafe work, physical violence, disempowerment, humiliation or social isolation, and subjective wellbeing. The original project for Missing Dimensions took place between 2007 and 2009. Some related papers published since 2009 on these themes have also been included here. 


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Data gaps for measuring MPI (2024-ongoing)

These forthcoming papers will present critical and in-depth analyses of household survey questionnaire and data sources that might be used to extend multidimensional poverty measurement to new domains. They also point out gaps in existing data sources that would need to be filled to generate a truly global MPI that would meaningfully cover all countries of the world. 

  • Children
  • Education 
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Health 
  • Living Standards (housing and services) 
  • Nutrition 
  • Safety and security 
  • Social connectedness 
  • Voice and agency