MPI Ambassadors & Champions

The MPI Ambassadors Programme creates a network of Ambassadors and Champions composed of leaders who positioned the MPI as a policy tool to reduce poverty in all its dimensions globally while they were in office. 

The programme was launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN) and includes former Vice President of Costa Rica (2014–2018), Ana Helena Chacón, and former President of Colombia (2010-2018), Juan Manuel Santos, as its inaugural Ambassadors.  

This Programme will leverage the ambassadors and champions' knowledge, experience, collective trajectory and ongoing commitment to reducing multidimensional poverty to raise awareness and support other leaders to turn a corner on poverty. 

Ambassadors in the network, will be former senior members of government (President, Prime Minister or Vice President) and/or equivalently former senior leaders of multilateral organisms, who used the MPI to lead poverty reduction efforts and are not presently a candidate for public office or in a position of leadership of an international organization.  

Champions will be experts who are former Ministers, Vice Ministers, Secretaries, Sub secretaries, Directors, Representatives and others who contributed to addressing multidimensional poverty using the MPI in clear and tangible ways. 

Inaugural MPI Ambassadors

OPHI is delighted to welcome the following inaugural MPI Ambassadors:

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  • Ana Helena Chacón

    Ana Helena Chacón served as Vice President of the Republic of Costa Rica and head of the government's social sector (2014–2018), leading all efforts on poverty reduction, social inclusion and human development. 

  • Juan Manuel Santos

    Juan Manuel Santos is the former President of Colombia and a Nobel Peace Laureate. During his first term as President, he incorporated a national MPI into his government’s National Development Plan. 

Photo of Ana Helena Chacon and Juan Manuel Santos

Photo of Inaugural MPI Ambassadors, Ana Helena Chacón and Juan Manuel Santos, at the launch of the OPHI MPI Ambassadors Programme on 31st October 2023. 

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