Studying multidimensional poverty measurement at Oxford

OPHI offers a module as part of the MPhil in Development Studies provided by the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) within the University of Oxford. 

The two-year MPhil aims to provide students with a rigorous and critical introduction to development as a process of managed and unmanaged change in societies in the Global South. 

The module offered by OPHI is an optional course on Poverty and Human Development. This option examines human development, seen as the expansion of capabilities or intrinsically valued freedoms, and scrutinizes the instrumental interrelationships between dimensions of poverty. It covers key topics and debates including Research Methods in poverty contexts; Sen's capability approach and the measurement of well-being; the computation and interpretation of multidimensional poverty indices; social connectedness; poverty and the SDGs. It explores particular cases in depth and addresses selected policy issues. 

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The Oxford Department of International Development in Queen Elizabeth House.