Submission and Copyright

Working Paper Submission Guidelines

We welcome submissions from external researchers of academic research papers that directly address OPHI research priorities.  Current research priorities are the measurement and analysis of multidimensional poverty. 

Submitted papers have to be written in English, undergo ‘light-touch’ peer review and are then endorsed for publication by our Working Paper Series Editor, Nicolai Suppa, and/or Sabina Alkire.  

OPHI Working Papers are assigned an ISBN and are published on OPHI’s website, free of charge.  Each is also archived in the Oxford Research Archive (ORA) as a green open access publication. OPHI Working Papers cannot be revised or withdrawn once published, so please ensure that your submitted paper is ready for circulation and that publication in a working paper series will not conflict with potential journal submissions.

To submit your full paper for publication as an OPHI Working Paper, please make sure that it directly addresses current OPHI research priorities and send it to We do not accept proposals. Preferred formats are .doc, .docx or LaTeX for text, and .doc, .docx, .eps, or .xls for tables and figures.  Please consult and follow our Style Guide and if needed, refer to The Chicago Manual of Style for guidance; contact our editor Nicolai Suppa at to request the OPHI LaTeX template.


OPHI holds the copyright on all OPHI Working Papers. 

OPHI Working Papers may be reproduced without fee for teaching and non-profit purposes, but not for resale. Formal permission is required for all such uses and will normally be granted immediately.  Please contact to request permission.

If you wish to copy an OPHI Working Paper in whole or in part in any other circumstances, including for re-use in other publications, for translation, or for adaptation, prior written permission must be obtained from OPHI and may be subject to a fee.  Please contact for guidance.