Mauritania MPI

MPI originally introduced:  2023

Latest MPI results: Mauritania MPI 2022

Mauritania launched the Mauritania MPI - Indice de Pauvreté Multidimensionnelle de la Mauritanie (IPM-M) - in March 2023. It was developed through a partnership between ANSADE (Agence Nationale de la Statistique, de l’Anlayse Démographique et Économique), UNICEF and OPHI. The MPI uses data from the Permanent Survey of Living Conditions of Households (EPCV, 2019). The policy brief was published in November 2022 and then launched in March 2023.  

The IPM-M will be updated every four years as part of the Permanent Survey of Living Conditions of Households (EPCV) to monitor progress in poverty reduction and to provide guidance on the effectiveness of government policies and programmes. The development of the IPM-M is an important contribution to the establishment of a monitoring tool for the SCAPP (SCAPP-2016–2030) and the global goals (SDGs 2015–2030) and particularly Target 1.2 and Indicator 1.2.2   

Mauritania MPI structure: dimensions and indicators 

Poverty Cut-Off: A person is considered poor if they are deprived in 38% of the 19 weighted indicators.  

Mauritania MPI 2023

Global MPI

The annual global MPI produced by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative in partnership with the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme is an internationally comparable index of acute multidimensional poverty and includes Country Briefings summarising poverty statistics for each country.   

Visit the most recent Global MPI Country Briefing for Mauritania based on DHS 2019-2021.   

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