Robustness in Multidimensional Well-being Analysis – ER, 2012, Vol. 32, issue 1

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Econometric Reviews, 2012, Vol. 32, issue 1

This special issue includes articles that are developed versions of several OPHI working papers:

‘Composite Indices: Rank Robustness, Statistical Association and Redundancy’ (James Foster, Mark McGillivray and Suman Seth, OPHI Working Paper 26, see also OPHI Working Paper 26b)

‘Weights in Multidimensional Indices of Well-Being: An Overview’ (Koen Decancq and María Ana Lugo, OPHI Working Paper 18)

‘Multidimensional Poverty: Measurement, Estimation, and Inference’ (Christopher J. Bennett and Shabana Mitra, OPHI Working Paper 47)

Other articles include:

‘Testing for Restricted Stochastic Dominance’ (Russell Davidson and Jean-Yves Duclos)

‘Institutions and Economic Outcomes: A Dominance-Based Analysis’ (Gordon Anderson and Kinda Hachem)

Introduction by Gaston Yalonetzky and Esfandiar Maasoumi.

multidimensional poverty, poverty measurement, robustness, wellbeing, stochastic dominance


Gaston Yalonetzky (guest editor)

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Econometric Reviews, 2012, Vol. 32, issue 1
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