Dimensions No. 13


Dimensions magazine is an online magazine produced by the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network to share the latest news and experiences of designing, introducing and implementing multidimensional poverty indices to inform poverty reduction policymaking. 

  • Editorial
  • “The MPI is a great contribution to transparency in public management” Interview with Iván Ojeda
  • Leaving no one behind: a case for disaggregating by gender, ethnicity, race and caste in the global Multidimensional Poverty Index by Kelly-Ann Fonderson
  • National MPI of Thailand: The compilation process and the policy uses by Rawirin Techaploog and Suphannada Lowhachai
  • The South African COVID-19 Vulnerability Index by Risenga Maluleke
  • Using Multidimensional Poverty and Vulnerability Indices for Equitable Policy-Making in the Context of Health Emergencies by Jakob Dirksen
  • bMPI supporting the private sector to achieve the eradication of multidimensional poverty in Costa Rica by Andrés Fernández
  • Breakthrough: The Power to Break the Poverty Cycle by John Hammock
  • Simulations and Multidimensional Poverty: Reflections on a COVID-19 evaluation study by Nicolai Suppa and Ricardo Nogales
  • OPHI Executive Education: a new journey to support leaders and policymakers in their effort to confront poverty by Michelle Muschett
  • Data of the Month
  • News

Spanish version – Dimensiones 13

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