Revisiting Informality: Evidence from Employment Characteristics and Job Satisfaction in Chile

OPHI Working Papers

We use data from a unique, nationally representative survey to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and employment characteristics in Chile. Consistent with the dualistic models, job protection appears to be a positive determinant of job satisfaction rather than a cost to be avoided by engaging in informal activities. Further, we find self-employed workers to be penalized by the lack of valuable workplace facilities, such as decent toilets and clean water. However, being self-employed does not necessarily mean taking the ‘bad’ jobs. We show that self-employed workers in Chile, like their counterparts in industrialized countries, derive procedural utility from being independent. 

Author: Lea Cassar

Year: 2010

Citation: Cassar, L. (2010). 'Revisiting informality: Evidence from employment characteristics and job satisfaction in Chile', OPHI Working Papers 41, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

job satisfaction, self-employment, job protection, procedural utility, developing countries
Latin America and the Caribbean

Lea Cassar
Series Name
OPHI Working Papers
Publication date
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WP 41