Chad Multidimensional Deprivation and Vulnerability Survey

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This paper summarises the results of The Chad Multidimensional Deprivation and Vulnerability Survey (EPMVT), fielded from June to August 2012 in Chad. The EPMVT was designed to provide information on standard socio-economic variables and five additional ‘missing dimensions’ of poverty data, namely, dimensions that people living in poverty continue to mention as constituent parts of their experience yet for which there are no comparable international data. Specifically, the EPMVT collected information on the characteristics of the household’s dwelling unit, education, employment, disabilities, fertility levels and mortality, breastfeeding and infant feeding practices, early child marriage, and hand-washing practices. In addition, data were collected on work quality, physical safety, empowerment, dignity, and psychological wellbeing. These data have two additional advantages for poverty analysis. First, the EPMVT was designed to be merged with a sub-sample of the 2011 Consumption and the Informal Sector in Chad survey (ECOSIT III). This merger facilitates having consumption data alongside the new variables tested in the EMPVT, as well as taking advantage of other relevant socio-economic variables present in the ECOSIT survey. Second, the EPMVT collected information from the head of the household and all eligible women age fifteen and older from the same household, making intra-household comparisons possible.

Citation: Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) (2016). ‘Chad Multidimensional Deprivation and Vulnerability Survey’, OPHI Working Paper 104, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

missing dimensions, Chad, socio-economic data, empowerment, psychological well-being, shame and humiliation, quality of employment, breastfeeding, hand washing, early child marriage, living standards
Sub-Saharan Africa



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