Poverty in All its Dimensions according to National Definitions: A briefing on SDG Indicator 1.2.2

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This briefing summarises how countries are reporting progress on reducing poverty in all its dimensions according to national definitions (SDG 1.2) in the Global SDG Indicators Database. It looks at why it is important to report SDG Indicator 1.2.2, which countries are reporting and what they are reporting. It explores some challenges and solutions and provides recommendations and guidance.

Citation: Alkire, S. and Dirksen, J. (2024). ‘Poverty in all its dimensions according to national definitions: A briefing on SDG indicator 1.2.2’, OPHI Briefing 58, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

poverty measurement, Multidimensional Poverty Index, national MPI, global MPI, SDGs, SDG indicator 2.1.1
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Sabina Alkire and Jakob Dirksen

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OPHI Briefings
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B 58