An Axiomatic Approach to Identification and Measurement of Multidimensional Poverty

OPHI Research in Progress

A memo written by Sabina Alkire and James Foster to the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) in Mexico, demonstrating how CONEVAL's objectives for a multidimensional poverty index, together with their conception of social dimensions as human rights, shape and justify its weights and identification step.

Citation: Alkire, S. and Foster, J. (2009). 'An axiomatic approach to identification and measurement of multidimensional poverty', OPHI Research in Progress 21a, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

axiomatic approach, poverty measurement, multidimensional poverty

Sabina Alkire and James E. Foster
Series Name
OPHI Research in Progress
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RP 21a