Measuring Group Disadvantage with Indices Based on Relative Distributions

OPHI Research in Progress

This paper proposes a family of new indices which measure and are sensitive to inequality between pairs of groups whenever that inequality implies disadvantage for a group of concern. The indices are applied to quantify the degree of gender inequality across the missing dimensions of poverty in Chile, using the 2009 OPHI addendum to the CASEN 2006.

Author: Gaston Yalonetzky

Year: 2010

Citation: Yalonetzky, G. (2010). 'Measuring group disadvantage with indices based on relative distributions', OPHI Research in Progress No. 14a, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.

povery measurement, relative distribution, distribution of wellbeing, women, gender inequality
Latin America and the Caribbean

Gaston Yalonetzky
Series Name
OPHI Research in Progress series
Publication date
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RP 14a