Dr Martin Evans

Research Associate


Martin is a Research Associate at OPHI, as well as a Senior Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI). Prior to that he worked in UNICEF HQ as a poverty specialist, and at the Oxford Institute of Social Policy. He has worked in applied social research on poverty and social protection at the Universities of Bath and at the London School of Economics. Martin’s experience crosses industrialised and developing countries and has involved research and consultancy for a large range of funders, including the European Commission, Rowntree and Nuffield Foundations, the World Bank, and UNDP. His website is www.martin-evans.org.

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  • Education

    PhD in Social Policy, London School of Economics
    MSc in Economics, London School of Economics 

  • Research interests

    Social/Public Affairs; Public Policy Advocacy; Social Protection Policy; Child Poverty and Inequality; and, Global Partnerships