Dr Juliana Milovich

Research Officer


Juliana has been working with OPHI since 2016. She contributes annually in the computations of the global Multidimensional Poverty Index, co-leading the work on non-DHS and non-MICS datasets in the global MPI 2018 and 2020. Since 2017 she has also supported the outreach team where she provides consultancy services to countries in their development of national MPIs.

Her current research focuses on the determinants of poverty and wellbeing in developing countries and, more precisely, on the factors impacting (positively and negatively) child nutritional health in Guatemala. She also works as Assistant Professor at University Paris Nanterre.

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  • Education

    PhD in Economics, University Paris Nanterre

  • Research interests

    Child nutritional health; poverty reduction; aid; and impact evaluation of social programmes. 

  • Selected publications

    Milovich, J. Y. (2018). ‘Does aid reduce poverty?’, OPHI Working Paper 122, University of Oxford.

    Milovich, J. Y. (2019). ‘The Impact of the Expansion of African Palm Crop on Child Undernutrition in South-West Guatemala’, EconomiX Working Paper 2019–22, University Paris Nanterre.