Dr Frank Vollmer



Frank is a researcher and joined OPHI in January 2018 to support the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (global MPI) team. He is also a Lecturer in development economics at the University Jaume I, Spain.

Prior to joining OPHI, Frank worked at the University of Edinburgh as a Research Associate in Agriculture and Rural Development. He also worked as a Research Fellow in Effective Development Cooperation at the German Development Institute. 



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  • Education

    PhD in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies, University Jaume I, Spain
    Masters in Peace and Development Studies, University of Limerick 

  • Research interests

    Measurement and determinants analysis of multidimensional poverty, and livelihood analyses, including ecosystem services for poverty alleviation assessments. His main geographical focus is on sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Mozambique.

  • Selected publications

    Robson, M., Vollmer, F., Doğan, B., and Grede, N. (2022). ‘Distributional impacts of cash transfers on the multidimensional poverty of refugees: The ESSN programme in Turkey’, OPHI Working Paper 142, University of Oxford.

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