Ana María Marin Morales

Global Engagement and Events Officer


Ana María Bossward-Marin is the Global Engagement and Events Officer leading OPHI’s busy programme of international events and supporting OPHI’s global engagement and communications.

By training, Ana is a visual and material culture anthropologist. Her research agenda includes joint projects with vulnerable communities, such as the repatriation of visual collections as tools for cultural revival initiatives and intergenerational dialogue with indigenous communities in Colombia. She has co-curated museum exhibitions and categorized and analysed archival material for the University of Oxford, the National General Archive of Colombia, and the National University of Colombia. 

Prior to OPHI, she was part of the CONPEACE: From Conflict Actors to Architects of Peace programme as a researcher, consultant, and a Colombian focal point developing and organising cross-stakeholder fora and briefings. 

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  • Education

    MSc in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology, University of Oxford
    BSc in Anthropology, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

  • Research interests

    Humanitarian and security crisis differential impact on ethnic communities located in Colombia's border areas; how the role of memory could be amplified and better nuanced through the returning of audio-visual collections for the empowerment of communities located in conflict zones to propel local projects for peacebuilding and development.