Global Development: 'Missing multidimensional poverty data hinders SDGs'

06 September 2023
OPHI in the media

In this article, Zak Essa explains how the lack of recent poverty data - which renders millions unseen and unheard - threatens the progress towards the SDGs. Essa calls urgently for better data collection to ensure no-one is left behind in the quest to eradicate global poverty. 

The full article can be read in English, French, and Spanish.  

The Global Multidimensional Poverty Index – an annually updated report conducted by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and the United Nations Development Programme – provides important insights to inform and accelerate efforts to end poverty in all its forms. In 2023, the report excludes South Sudan and Burkina Faso because their data is too old. But poverty still devastates lives in all these countries – and requires visibility, as well as redress.