Uzbekistan Pilot MPI

Pilot MPI originally introduced:  2024

Latest results: Pilot Uzbekistan MPI 2024

The Uzbekistan Pilot Multidimensional Poverty Index 2024, launched on 23 February 2024, was calculated by CERR (the Center for Economic Research and Reforms under the Administration of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan), in collaboration with UNDP Uzbekistan, and OPHI. The pilot national MPI is the result of a collaborative effort between UNDP, OPHI, and CERR. 

Uzbekistan pilot MPI structure: dimensions and indicators

Poverty Cut-Off: A person is considered poor if they are deprived in 34% or more of the 13 weighted indicators grouped into three dimensions of Basic infrastructure and living conditions, Health and social capital and Employment and financial inclusion.


Uzbekistan pilot MPI table 2023

Global MPI

The annual global MPI produced by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative in partnership with the Human Development Report Office of the United Nations Development Programme is an internationally comparable index of acute multidimensional poverty. OPHI publishes Country Briefings summarising poverty statistics of the global MPI for each country. 

Visit the most recent Global MPI Country Briefing for Uzbekistan based on MICS year 2021-2022.

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Voluntary National Review

  • The Voluntary National Review of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2023) mentioned the implementation of the SDGs in Uzbekistan as part of the “Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026 with the goal of “halving poverty, increasing coverage of preschool education and higher education to 80% and 50% respectively” by 2026.
Launch of pilot MPI in Uzbekistan

Launch of pilot MPI in Uzbekistan February 2024

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