Panama MPI

MPI originally introduced:  2017

Latest MPI results: Panama MPI 2017

The Government of Panama launched its first official measure of poverty in June 2017 in a ceremony presided by the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela.

To complement the national MPI, Panama also launched an MPI for boys, girls and adolescents in September 2018.

At a Side Event at the UN General Assembly in September 2023 which was co-hosted by Panama, the Minister of Social Development, Ms María Inés Castillo, described how Panama had created a corregimiento-level MPI that analyses poverty at the level of the smallest political territorial unit and that has fed into the Plan Colmena responsible for more than 7,000 interventions nationwide. 

Panama MPI structure: dimensions and indicators 

Poverty Cut-Off for the National MPI: A person is considered poor if they are deprived in 30% or more of the 17 weighted indicators.  

Poverty Cut-Off for the Child MPI: A child aged 0-18 years is considered poor if they are deprived in 30% or more of the 10 weighted indicators. For more details see Child MPI for Better Design and Implementation of Policies in Panama | MPPN

Panama MPI 2017 structure

Source: Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas, Ministerio de Desarrollo Social, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censo (2017). Índice de Pobreza Multidimensional de Panamá: Año 2017

Cover of Panama MPI report 2017