OPHI Summer School 2015

OPHI Summer School
Sunday 02nd August 2015 - Friday 14th August 2015
00:00 - 00:00 BST
Washington D.C., UK

Organised by OPHI and hosted at the Georgetown University in Washington D.C. 3-15 August

The purpose of this intensive summer school was to provide a thorough conceptual and technical introduction to some techniques of measuring multidimensional poverty with a strong emphasis on the Alkire Foster method. Participants revised axiomatic poverty measures, and learnt about different techniques of multidimensional poverty measurement and which problems they are best suited to solve. The empirical motivation for measuring multidimensional poverty was presented as well as the conceptual motivation, which drew on Amartya Sen’s capability approach. 

The following topics were covered:

  • Axiomatic approaches to unidimensional and multidimensional poverty;
  • Methodologies to analyse multidimensional poverty – dashboard, stochastic dominance, information theory, fuzzy set, multiple correspondence analysis, unmet basic needs and counting approaches – and the problems each methodology best solves;
  • The Alkire Foster methodology of multidimensional poverty measurement;
  • Selection of parameters – purpose, unit of measure, dimensions, indicators, cut-offs and weights;
  • Subgroup decomposition and mapping;
  • Multidimensional poverty dynamics;
  • Disparity among the poor and across groups;
  • Econometric analysis of multidimensional poverty; and
  • Institutions, policies, and communication.


OPHI Summer School Materials 2015

Key resources

Pre-Summer School Readings

Presentations and exercises

Day 1VideoPDF
Why Multidimensional (MD) Poverty Measures?Image removed.Image removed.
More Relatively-Poor People in a Less Absolutely-Poor WorldImage removed.Image removed.
Review: Unidimensional Poverty MeasurementImage removed.Image removed.
Day 2  
Case studies: Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)Image removed.Image removed.
Alkire Foster MethodologyImage removed.Image removed.
 Multidimensional Poverty Measurement Methodologies and Counting Approaches Image removed.
Day 3
 Introduction to the Capability Approach Image removed.
National Multidimensional Poverty MeasuresImage removed.Image removed.
Normative Choices in Measurement Design Image removed.
Day 4
Data Issues in Multidimensional Poverty Measurement Image removed.
 StataImage removed.Image removed.
Day 5
Associations across DeprivationsImage removed.Image removed.
Day 7  
Population Subgroup Decomposition and Dimensional BreakdownImage removed.Image removed.
Day 8  
Robustness analysis and statistical inferenceImage removed.Image removed.
Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics with Time Series and Panel dataImage removed.Image removed.
Multidimensional Poverty Results
Image removed.Image removed.
Day 9  
Multidimensional Poverty and Distribution: Inequality among the poor and Disparity across regionsImage removed.Image removed.
Some Regression Models for the Alkire and Foster MethodImage removed.Image removed.
CommunicationImage removed.Image removed.
Day 10  
Targeting and Impact Evaluation Image removed.
Uses & Institutionalisation of Multidimensional Poverty Measurement Image removed.