Summer Schools

OPHI may be contracted for demand-driven executive education courses, specialized courses for institutions, researcher training modules, undergraduate and graduate course modules, and workshops and conferences. Materials from previous courses are available on the Online Training Portal.

Previous Summer Schools

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2021 Summer School (online)
2020 Summer School was cancelled on account of Covid-19 pandemic.
2019 Summer School (Mexico City, Mexico)
2018 Summer School (Oxford, UK)
2017 Summer School (Marrakesh, Morocco)
2016 Summer School (Beijing, China)
2015 OPHI Summer School (Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA)
2014 OPHI Summer School (University of Oxford, Oxford, UK)
2013 OPHI Summer School (George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA)
2012 OPHI Summer School (Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia)
2011 OPHI-HDCA Summer School (Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands)
2010 OPHI Summer School (University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan)
2009 OPHI-HDCA Summer School (Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, Lima, Peru)
2008 OPHI-HDCA Summer School (Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, India)