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For Residents of the United States, tax deductible donations may be made online via credit card through the University of Oxford North American Office.  When using this facility, please type in “Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI)” in the ‘Further Information’ field.

US Residents may also make a donation by mail to the University of Oxford’s North American Office’s Gift Form for US Residents. Please be sure to indicate that the gift is for the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI). On the North American Office’s Planned Giving pages, there is also information on alternative forms of giving, including securities.

Why give to OPHI?

It is possible to ‘do something’ about poverty. Since its inception in 2007, the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), part of the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development, has worked to advance individual freedom and overcome poverty by combining rigorous academic research with practical outreach. Acting as a nexus for leading poverty researchers, practitioners, business leaders, and policy makers from all over the globe, OPHI advances sustainable development research while engaging in policy in ways that directly serve the poorest people. OPHI understands that good data are vital for good policy and has taken practical steps to remove existing bottlenecks to effective poverty measurement.

The results of this exacting pragmatism can be found in OPHI’s successful partnerships and projects.  Countries including Mexico, Colombia, Bhutan, Chile, Mozambique, Pakistan and Costa Rica, have adopted official multidimensional poverty indices (MPIs) using the Alkire-Foster method to guide poverty programs within their national plans. Over 55 countries have now joined the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN) with its Secretariat at OPHI and many of these countries are well on their way to implementing official national MPIs.

President Santos of Colombia has called this work “inspiring.” Prime Minister Anthony of St Lucia has praised OPHI for its help in providing a way forward on poverty reduction. The Minister of Social Prosperity of Colombia directly attributes poverty reduction in that country to the OPHI Multidimensional Poverty Index.

In 2015, OPHI’s work was included among the top 20 most impressive examples of UK research contributing to global development, a list compiled by the UK Collaborative on Development Sciences (UKDCS). OPHI was selected from the 6,975 impact case studies submitted to the Research Excellence Framework, the system used to assess the research quality of UK universities. Moreover, the Economic and Research Council of the UK recognised OPHI in 2014 for the impact of its research on poverty (and produced a 5-minute video about how OPHI helps governments reduce poverty). In 2019 OPHI’s work won Oxford University the Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

OPHI’s work is funded entirely by contracts, grants and private donations from governments, international agencies, foundations, and individuals. We are grateful for this support. See our supporters page for a list of OPHI’s current sponsors.

We believe in showing respect for the resources given to OPHI by conducting OPHI’s operations as cost efficiently and transparently as possible. We also very much value the ideas and experience of all of our donors. To join OPHI and its fight against poverty, please consider making a gift.

We welcome your questions. If you have any additional questions regarding support for OPHI, please contact us.