Dimensions No. 11


Dimensions magazine is an online magazine produced by the Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network to share the latest news and experiences of designing, introducing and implementing multidimensional poverty indices to inform poverty reduction policymaking. 

  • Editorial
  • ‘The global pandemic underscores the need for a multidimensional analysis of poverty’ Interview with Elina Scheja
  • World leaders on multidimensional poverty in the UN General Assembly 2020 by Bestin Samuel
  • Honduras uses a Multidimensional Vulnerability Index for policy targeting by Maya Evans and Mónica Pinilla-Roncancio
  • Dimensions and indicators most used to measure multidimensional poverty around the world by Jakob Dirksen
  • Should disability be included in a multidimensional poverty measure? by Monica Pinilla-Roncancio
  • Incorporating gender in the bMPI: The Wise Responder initiative by Ana Vaz and John Hammock
  • Land use intensification and multidimensional destitution by Harriet Elizabeth Smith and Frank Vollmer
  • Data of the Month: COVID-19 impact on multidimensional poverty in Dominican Republic
  • News

Spanish version – Dimensiones No. 11

COVID-19, Honduras, Multidimensional Vulnerability Index, multidimensional poverty, poverty measurement, disability, multidimensional destitution
Latin America and the Caribbean
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Dimensions No. 11


Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN)

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Dimensions Magazine
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Dimensions 11