One-dimensional measures miss a lot. No one indicator – such as income – can capture the multiple aspects that constitute poverty, well-being or empowerment.

The Alkire Foster (AF) method of multidimensional measurement developed at OPHI enables robust and better-informed policies to be designed, monitored and evaluated..

Why use a multidimensional approach?


Multidimensional poverty measures can be used to create a more comprehensive picture of the deprivations poor people experience.

What are the benefits of the AF method to policymakers?


The AF method is a flexible measure that can be adapted to different contexts and used in several ways.

How is the AF method used in policy?


Read about local, national and international policy applications of the AF method.

Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network

MPPN meeting

A South-South initiative that supports policymakers to develop multidimensional poverty measures.

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