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E-Update December 2018

  • Juan Manuel Santos’ public lecture at Oxford
  • MPPN 2018 Meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Global MPI 2018 Report published
  • UN General Assembly 2018 Side Event
  • Philippines and Rwanda launch their National MPIs
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  • Publications

E-Update August 2018

  • Global MPI Launch 2018
  • Dimensions 10th Anniversary Edition Published
  • OPHI Summer School 2018
  • ISBS Inaugural Conference
  • UN Export Group Meeting and Policy Forum on Poverty
  • Handbook
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation
  • Events
  • Publications

E-Update May 2018

    • Indian State of Andhra Pradesh releases State-wide MPI report
    • Global MPI Consultation: many precise and constructive suggestions
    • A New Project-Friendly Index Measuring Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture
    • March 2018 Impact Evaluation Workshop in Oxford
    • Colombia uses MPI to measure SDG1
    • UN Statistical Commission Side Event in New York, March 2018
    •  OPHI Highly Commended in ‘Excellence in Impact’ Awards
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    • Publications
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E-Update February 2018

    • Global MPI winter update 2017/2018
    • OPHI Summer School July 2018: Call for applications!
    • Bhutan cuts poverty by roughly half in five years
    • Nepal launches its first national MPI
    • Blog: Fighting child poverty
    • Ambassadors visit OPHI
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    • Publications
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E-Update November 2017

    • UNGA High-Level Side Event: Using the Multidimensional Poverty Index to Track Progress in the SDGs
    • 5th MPPN Meeting in China
    • First Arab Multidimensional Poverty Report Launched
    • Just Released: Jean Drèze’s new book Sense and Solidarity
    • 2017 Wider Annual Lecture in Helsinki
    • Putting Children First Conference in Ethiopia
    • More news 
    • Announcements
  • Vacancies

E-Update August 2017

  • UN High Level Political Forum debates eradicating poverty in all its forms
  • Panama and the Dominican Republic launch MPIs
  • Costa Rica launches the Business MPI – the bMPI
  • Dimensions – Voices of Experience
  • Publications
  • OPHI’s Summer School in Marrakesh
  • Publications
  • More news
  • Announcements

E-Update June 2017

  • Half the world’s poor people are children: Global MPI 2017
  • Aligning Global MPI with SDGs
  • Disaggregating MPI by disability
  • Publications
  • More news
  • Announcements

E-Update March 2017

  • Measuring the interconnected dimensions of poverty to energise policy
  • Impact of MPI on social policy in Colombia
  • Dimensions – New policy outlet for country voices
  • Publications
  • More news
  • Announcements

E-Update January 2017

  • Atkinson report on measuring global poverty
  • 4th annual MPPN meeting in Acapulco
  • Professor Amartya Sen encourages debate
  • Winter MPI update
  • Publications

E-Update October 2016

  • Atkinson Commission Report “Monitoring Global Poverty”
  • UNGA Side Event “Measuring and Tackling Poverty in All its Dimensions”
  • MPPN Annual high-level meeting to be held in Mexico in November
  • Publications
  • News

E-Update August 2016

  • Honduras Launches MPI
  • Chile MPI’s New Dimension
  • Summer School in China
  • Child Poverty in Bhutan
  • Publications
  • More News
  • Announcements

E-Update June 2016

  • Global MPI 2016 launched
  • Multidimensional Poverty in Africa
  • MPI launched in Pakistan
  • Publications
  • Announcements

E-update April 2016

  • OPHI and MPPN host side event at UN Statistical Commission
  • New Alkire-Foster WP on inequality among multidimensionally poor
  • Peru takes up multidimensional poverty measurement
  • Publications
  • Announcements

E-update February 2016

  • Ecuador launches National MPI
  • MPI study presented in Indonesia
  • OPHI Working Paper on how to measure destitution
  • Announcements:
    • OPHI and MPPN to host Side Event at UN Statistical Commission
    • 2016 OPHI Summer School to be held in Beijing, China

2015 Year in Review (pdf)

  • 5 years of the Global MPI
  • Growing take-up of national-level multidimensional poverty indices
  • MPI indicators within the Sustainable Development Goals
  • OPHI’s key expertise in one book
  • OPHI awarded for its research impact
  • Recent publications

Global MPI launch 2015 (pdf)

  • Updates and coverage in June 2015
  • Key findings
  • Policy briefings
  • Interactive databank

e-Update May 2015 (pdf)

  • Special event 22 June: Launch of the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2015 and launch of OPHI’s comprehensive new book
  • Multidimensional Poverty Measurement & Analysis available to pre-order now
  • OPHI participates in the Ashmolean Museum’s Live Friday
  • OPHI, the MPPN and the Government of Colombia host special side-event at Cartagena Data Festival
  • Recent Publications
  • Blogs and media
  • OPHI People

e-Update March 2015 (pdf)

  • OPHI staff visit Ivory Coast to discuss multidimensional poverty measurement in Africa
  • OPHI and MPPN host UN side-event on multidimensional poverty measurement
  • All Draft Chapters of OPHI’s book on multidimensional poverty now online
  • Vacancy: Research Officer
  • OPHI’s 2015 Summer School
  • Special Side-Event at the 21-22 April Data Festival in Cartagena Colombia
  • A Multidimensional Poverty Index for Latin America
  • Multidimensional Poverty Index 2015+
  • New Working Papers of draft chapters in Multidimensional Poverty Measurement and Analysis
  • Blogs

e-Update January 2015 (pdf)

  • OPHI launches Global MPI updates for Winter 2014/2015
  • First chapters of OPHI book on multidimensional poverty measurement available online
  • Chile announces national Multidimensional Poverty Index
  • Secretary-General’s post-2015 synthesis report calls for multidimensional poverty measures
  • OPHI lunchtime seminar programme for Hilary Term 2015
  • Recent publications: New working papers and global MPI highlights briefing
  • Blogs and media coverage: TIME, Guardian, New York Times and Huffington Post
  • OPHI people: New staff

e-Update March 2014 [pdf]


  • Government of the Philippines adopts multidimensional poverty measure
  • Deadlines approaching for OPHI’s Summer School in Oxford, 11-23 August
  • New multidimensional measure of extreme poverty proposed in Chile
  • Caribbean moves forward with multidimensional poverty measure
  • OPHI’s China Mills launches her book on global mental health


  • Lunchtime Seminar Series for Hilary Term – podcasts available online


  • Alkire and Santos paper on global MPI published online in World Development
  • Measuring Inequality among the Multidimensionally Poor – new working paper by Seth and Alkire
  • Social isolation: A conceptual and measurement proposal – new working paper by Zavaleta, Samuel & Mills
  • Multidimensional Targeting and Evaluation – new working paper by Robano and Smith
  • Young Lives publishes a working paper on ‘Decomposing Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics’ by OPHI’s Apablaza and Yalonetzky
  • Gender Inequality in Multidimensional Welfare Deprivation in West Africa – new working paper by Agbodji, Batana and Ouedraogo
  • A Multidimensional Approach to the Bottom Billion – new Research in Progress paper by Alkire, Roche, Seth and Sumner


  • Sabina Alkire interviewed on Bhutan’s new poverty measure in Kuensel
  • CNN mentions OPHI’s work in its round-up of stories of note in 2013
  • Sabina Alkire discusses multidimensional poverty on Voice of Russia


  • Research Associates – José Manuel Roche, Paola Ballon and Mauricio Apablaza
  • OPHI welcomes visiting academics for spring/summer 2014

e-Update December 2013 [pdf]


  • OPHI calls for a new household survey to further ‘data revolution’
  • MPPN works to advance multidimensional poverty measurement post-2015
  • Outreach activities and poverty training courses
  • OPHI participates in panel on multidimensional poverty at DSA conference
  • Gates Foundation publishes article on measuring women’s empowerment
  • Growing uptake of the WEAI


  • OPHI Director on post-2015 panel at European Development Days conference
  • Professor James Foster discusses multidimensional poverty in video
  • OPHI’s Suman Seth gave two lectures in the US
  • OPHI Research Associate Santos gives video interview on MPI workshop
  • Sabina Alkire takes part in London debates on ending poverty


  • Al-Jazeera has published OPHI Researcher Mihika Chatterjee’s article on food
  • security in India
  • The Huffington Post publishes article on call for MPI2015+
  • OPHI Director’s post features on World We Want poverty eradication


  • Lunchtime Seminar Series podcasts available online


  • Sabina Alkire’s chapter published in OECD report on ‘Ending Poverty’
  • Human recognition and economic development
  • Measuring Autonomy: Evidence from Bangladesh
  • ‘Compromising conventions’ paper published inWork, Employment & Society


  • José Manuel Roche joins Save the Children as Head of Research
  • OPHI welcomes new Research Officer Bouba Housseini

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