Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría

Ana Helena Chacon 2023

Job Title: Senior Public Policy Advisor


Ana Helena Chacón Echeverría is a senior advisor on public policy and international relations at OPHI. She leads the Executive Education programme for high level public officials and strategic connections in the Latin American region.

She served as Vice President of the Republic of Costa Rica and head of the government’s social sector (2014–2018), leading all efforts on poverty reduction, social inclusion and human development. She was the Ambassador of Costa Rica to the Kingdom of Spain (2018–2022), former Congresswoman (2006–2010) and former Viceminister of Security (2002–2005) of Costa Rica. Her life’s work has been dedicated to fighting for human rights as an activist, advocate, public official and decision maker.


BA in International Relations, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.


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