Young Lives publishes a working paper by OPHI researchers

A paper by OPHI Researcher Mauricio Apablaza and Research Associate Gaston Yalonetzky has been published as a working paper by Young Lives, an international study of childhood poverty led by a team at Oxford University’s Department for International Development.

‘Decomposing Multidimensional Poverty Dynamics’ proposes a novel decomposition of changes in multidimensional poverty, as measured by the basic members of the Alkire Foster family of measures. The method works for any type of dataset; and, in the case of panel datasets, it is useful for relating changes in these Alkire Foster measures to transitions into and out of multidimensional poverty.

The decomposition techniques are illustrated with a Young Lives panel dataset comprising cohorts of children from Ethiopia, Andhra Pradesh, Peru and Vietnam. The paper, published as  Young Lives Working Paper 101, is an initial attempt to build a bridge between the literatures of poverty dynamics and multidimensional poverty measures.

The paper is available for download here.