Dr YangYang Shen

Dr YangYang Shen

Job Title: Research Associate
Email: Please contact ophi@qeh.ox.ac.uk  


YangYang is a Research Associate at OPHI. In 2016, she was a Project Manager and teacher at the 2016 OPHI Summer School. She is currently a Lecturer at the Beijing Normal University, working in the School of Economics and Resource Management, as well as a Researcher in the China Institutes for Poverty Reduction and Income Distribution. 


PhD and Masters Degree in Economics, Nankai University, China

Research Interests

Human development and welfare economics; measurement and analysis of Multidimensional welfare, poverty and public policy, economic growth and poverty reduction.

Selected Publications 

Shen W. and Shen Y. (2012) ‘Study on Adjustment of Personal Income Gap for Promoting Social Equity’, Beijing: Economic Science Press.

Li S., Zhan P. and Shen Y. (2018) ‘New Patterns in China’s Rural Poverty’, In (Sicular T., Li S., and Yue X ed.) Changing Trends in China’s Inequality: Evidence, Analysis, and Prospects, Oxford University Press, USA.