World Policy Analysis Centre tracks laws addressing poverty reduction

The World Policy Analysis Centre has published data gathered in 193 countries on the laws and policies in place in those countries that address poverty reduction. The laws and policies cover minimum wages, unemployment insurance, financial support for families, pension support for older adults as well as critical areas such as adult labour, education, child labour, child marriage, and equal rights.

The first dataset, collected through a seven-year research initiative, is available at the Children’s Chances portal and focuses on poverty reduction efforts for the target group of children and families. It answers crucial poverty-related questions such as: What countries have established a minimum wage, and is it set above the poverty line? How many countries provide financial support to families or to disabled children? Is income protection during unemployment available, and for how long? What countries still charge tuition for secondary school, erecting barriers for poor children?

Through the Children’s Chances portal, the Centre hopes to increase and facilitate learning on what is feasible and effective, and to support the translation of effective policies into solutions at the global, national, and local levels.