Working Paper: 43b

Where Did Identification Go?

We recently introduced a general method [1,2] and provided a specific cross Development Report (the MPI) as part of the 2010 Human Development Report [4,11] to complement existing methods. Our recent piece in the Journal of Economic Inequality (JEI) (also OPHI Working Paper 43) sought to clarify the presentation and address possible misunderstandings [3]. The present note – a longer version of the one published in JEI – responds to Martin Ravallion’s paper in the same issue, and also benefited from contributions by other authors in that Forum. We value this exchange and vigorous debate and hope it will ultimately lead to better measures and policies.

Citation: Alkire, S.,  Foster, J. and Santos, M.E. (2011). “Where Did Identification Go?” OPHI Working Papers 43b, University of Oxford.