Weights in Multidimensional Measures

Instructor: Sabina Alkire, Director of OPHI

Class Objectives:

  • Conceptual issues: What weights mean – Value, priority, or explanatory power
  • Within dimensions and between dimensions
  • Normative approaches: expert, participatory, survey-based
  • Statistical approaches: factor analysis, pca, MIMIC



[flashvideo title=Weights 1 image=wp-content/uploads/default_video.jpg file=wp-content/uploads/SSWeightinMDMeasures_Alkire_Part1_030908.m4v /]

[flashvideo title=Weights 2 image=wp-content/uploads/default_video.jpg file=wp-content/uploads/SSWeightinMDMeasures_Alkire_Part2_03-040908-1.m4v /]

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Weights in Multidimensional Measures Part 1
Weights in Multidimensional Measures Part 2

Reading List
Basic Readings:
DECANCQ, K. and LUGO (2008), “Setting weights in multidimensional indices of well-being”. OPHI Working Paper No. 17.

Further readings:
BRANDOLINI, A. (2007), “On synthetic indices of multidimensional well-being: health and income inequalities in France, Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom”. ChilD Working Paper 07/2007.
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