‘This bill won’t eat your money’: Alkire comments on India’s National Food Security Bill

OPHI Director Sabina Alkire has described the charge of many critics that India’s National Food Security Bill (NFSB) is excessive as ‘exceedingly strange’ in an opinion piece published by The Hindu.

Alkire argues that expenditure on providing food security will add minimally to public spending, and compares India’s fiscal priorities with those of other countries in Asia, where, she says, governments across the political spectrum invest more in social protection.

She concludes: ‘India has a higher proportion of stunted children than nearly any other country on earth, yet spends half the proportion of GDP that lower middle income Asian countries spend on social protection and less than one-fifth of what high income countries in Asia spend.’

The Hindu is an English-language Indian daily newspaper. You can read Alkire’s article, titled ‘This bill won’t eat your money’, in full here.