Global MPI: 5-year methodological note

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OPHI Briefing (MPI Methodological Note) 38 (PDF)

This document synthesizes all foregoing studies, to provide under one cover a comprehensive guide to the methodology of estimating and reporting the global MPI in 2015. Recall that the methodology for the first global MPI was first issued in a working paper co-published by OPHI and HDRO, by Alkire and Santos (2010). The underlying methodology, dimensions, indicators, and cutoffs have remained unchanged since 2010. Yet adjustments have been made by HDRO’s and OPHI’s mutual agreement. Each year a methodological document has accompanied the global MPI launch, and has transparently documented any agreed methodological adjustments included in that year’s estimations. Previously published estimations were not changed. This document summarizes how the Global MPI 2015 is computed, drawing on each previous Methodological document sequentially. However before moving to the specifications we provide a brief intuitive introduction to the MPI and its linked partial and subindices, as well as clarifying how the Global MPI differs from official national poverty statistics.

Authors: Sabina Alkire, Adriana Conconi, Gisela Robles, José M. Roche, María Emma Santos, Suman Seth and Ana Vaz
Year: 2016