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Michaelmas Term 2013

These seminars are held from 12-1pm in Seminar Room 3, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB. Everyone is welcome, and a complimentary sandwich lunch is available on a first come, first served basis.
Monday 18 February
How effective are CCT programs in reducing multiple deprivations? Some insights from Philippines’ 4Ps program
With: Dr Suman Seth (University of Leeds Business School)

Monday 25 February
In quest of a better life: international labour migration and poverty in rural Bangladesh
With: Dr Ricardo Nogales (OPHI, University of Oxford), Dr Christian Oldiges (OPHI, University of Oxford)

Monday 4 March
Taking into account gender and intra-household dynamics: Oxfam’s experience of assessing resilience capacities at the household and individual levels
With: Ms Alexia Pretari (Oxfam)

Previous Seminars

Monday 11 February
Material deprivation and intra-household allocation across Europe
With: Dr Tania Burchardt (London School of Economics)

Monday 4 February
Child poverty in South Asia
With: Dr Sabina Alkire (OPHI, University of Oxford)

Monday 21 January
Assessing deprivation with ordinal variables: depth sensitivity and poverty aversion
With: Dr Gaston Yalonetzky (University of Leeds, Business School)

Monday 14 January
Women's empowerment in Tunisia: a discrete choice experiment to elicit weights for a multidimensional index
With: Dr Natalie Quinn (OPHI, University of Oxford)

Monday 26 November
Towards A Global Asset Indicator: Re-assessing the Asset Indicator in the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index
With: Dr. Frank Vollmer (OPHI)

Monday 19 November
Measurement and Decomposition of Multidimensional Work Well-being Inequality in India
With: Ms. Sayli Javadekar, University of Geneva

Monday 12 November
Defining and Measuring Health Poverty
With: Prof. Philip Clarke, University of Oxford

Monday 5 November
A Meta-analysis of Oxfam's Women's Empowerment Projects
With: Mr. Simone Lombardini, Oxfam

Monday 22 October
Poverty Traps and Child Well-being in South Africa
With: Dr. Marisa von Fintel, Stellenbosch University

Monday 15 October
Multidimensional Poverty Reduction in India: Changes over Time
With: Dr. Sabina Alkire (OPHI)

Monday 8 October
The New Global Multidimensional Poverty Index
With: Dr. Sabina Alkire (OPHI) and Dr. Usha Kanagaratnam (OPHI)

Monday 19 March
Child poverty, public expenditure, and social policy in South Asia
With: Dr Abdul Alim (UNICEF)

Monday 5 March
Building a Child MPI
With: Dr Ana Vaz (OPHI-University of Oxford)

Monday 26 February
Incorporating a Delphi Method within Poverty Measurement: A Case Study of West Java, Indonesia
With: Putu Natih (University of Oxford)

Monday 19 February
Income and Multidimensional Poverty in Indonesia
With: Dr Usha Kanagaratnam (Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative)