Targeting and Impact Evaluation


Sabina Alkire

Ana Vaz

  • Targeting poverty reduction programmes: Identifying the poor
  • Evaluating multidimensional impact of poverty reduction programmes
  • Introduction to resources on the OPHI website


Video (with guide)

Guide to the video

00:00 Introduction

Part 1: Targeting

01.25: The challenge of targeting

07.34: Resources on the Alkire Foster(AF) method and targeting

09.04: How to identify a target group?

11.27: Census questions used for targeting

16.41: Requirements to design a targeting instrument

17.28: Tools of targeting

18.45: Which is the best proxy?

20.00: How many indicators to use?

21.52: How many are to be targeted in each region?

22.45: Conclusions

Part 2: Impact Evaluation

33.30: Motivation

36.07: Purpose – how can the AF method be used in impact evaluation?

36.25: Background

37.06: Why use the AF method?

39.35: How to use the AF method?

45.26: Empirical application

52.37: Sample

53.17: Differences at baseline

55.53: Impact

01.01.24: Decomposition

01.08.50: Resources on the OPHI website