Summer School on Capability and Multidimensional Poverty, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

The 2011 OPHI-HDCA two-week training course brought together a vibrant mix of students from 26 countries to learn about multidimensional poverty measurement, the capability approach and how to implement a national or organisational Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI). The 40+ group included government officials, senior UNDP staff, academics, civil society representatives, PhD students, NGO workers and economists interested in building a multidimensional poverty measure, customised to their specific context and needs.

Photos from the course, which included participants from countries as diverse as Afghanistan, Ghana, India, United States, Senegal, Egypt, Nepal, Germany, Bangladesh, Haiti, Mexico, Netherlands, China, Afghanistan, Brazil, El Salvador, and Jordan, can be viewed on Flickr.

An outline of the intensive two-week course, designed to equip participants to build their own, context-specific multidimensional poverty measure, can be found at the following link: PROGRAMME

Materials from the course, including PowerPoints, Stata exercises and supporting files are also available: COURSE MATERIALS.

Participants who joined the course can access basic and further reading lists, along with final presentations, can use the password provided at the following links: BASIC READINGS and FURTHER READINGS.

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