Seminar Series 2014 – Archive

Monday 1 December
'Robust pro-poorest poverty reduction with counting measures: the anonymous case' Presentation
With: Gaston Yalonetzky, Lecturer of Economics, University of Leeds

Monday 24 November
'Multidimensional poverty and inequality' Presentation
With: Bouba Housseini, OPHI Research Officer

Monday 17 November
'Multidimensional poverty measurement for EU-SILC countries' Presentation
With: Sabina Alkire, Director, OPHI

Monday 10 November
'Multidimensional poverty and inclusive growth in India: An analysis using growth elasticities' Presentation
With: Suman Seth, Senior Research Officer, OPHI

Tuesday 4 November
Special Guest Lecture at 5pm: 'The Art, the (Social) Science and the Politics of Building State Capability for Implementation' Presentation
With: Michael Woolcock, Lead Social Development Specialist, World Bank

Monday 27 October
'Understanding later life from a multidimensional perspective' Presentation
With: Jiweon Jun, Research Officer, Centre for Time Use Research, Department of Sociology, University of Oxford

Monday 20 October
'An empirical exploration of the “Shame of poverty” for Chile in 2009' Presentation
With: Gisela Robles Aguilar, Research Officer, OPHI

Monday 13 October
'Introduction to OPHI' Presentation
With: Sabina Alkire, Director, OPHI

Thursday 13 March
'Measuring human development index: The old, the new and the elegant' Presentation
With: Srijit Mishra, Associate Professor, Indira Ghandi Institute of Development Research

Thursday 6 March
'Assessing the impact of corruption on peace and development: A look at the Global Peace Index and the Mexico Peace Index'
With: Thomas Morgan, Research Fellow, Institute of Economics and Peace

Thursday 27 February
'Who are the poorest of the poor? Assessing Ultra Poverty in Developing Countries'
With: Suman Seth, Research Officer OPHI

Thursday 20 February
'Dynamics and drivers of consumption and multidimensional poverty: Evidence from rural Ethiopia' Presentation
With: Sindu W. Kebede, Post Doctoral Researcher, Humboldt University

Thursday 13 February
'Are there ethnic inequality traps in education? Evidence from Brazil and Chile' Presentation
With: Adriana Conconi, Research Officer OPHI

Thursday 6 February
'Multidimensional poverty and impact evaluation' Presentation
With: Ana Vaz, Research Officer OPHI

Thursday 23 January
'The methodologies of computing changes over time in multidimensional poverty: Comparisons and contrasts' Presentation
With: Sabina Alkire, Director OPHI