Seminar Series 2019 – Archive

Friday 6 December
Sensitivity analyses in poverty measurement: The case of the global multidimensional poverty index’
With: Dr. Nicolai Suppa

Friday 29 November
The creative wealth of nations
With: Mr. Patrick Kabanda

Friday 22 November
Revisions of the global multidimensional poverty index (MPI): Indicator options and their empirical assessment
With: Dr. Usha Kanagaratnam

Friday 15 November
Relationships between monetary poverty and the global MPI: Joint, separate or correlated distributions?
With: Dr. Matthew Robson

Friday 1 November
The role of inequality in poverty measurement
With: Prof. Sabina Alkire

Friday 25 October
Multidimensional energy poverty: A quasi-experimental approach applied to education
With: Mr. Jeff Pagel

Friday 18 October
The first revision of the global MPI: Empirical insights and robustness
With: Dr. Ricardo Nogales

Monday 4 March
Taking into account gender and intra-household dynamics: Oxfam’s experience of assessing resilience capacities at the household and individual levels
With: Ms Alexia Pretari (Oxfam)

Monday 25 February
In quest of a better life: international labour migration and poverty in rural Bangladesh
With: Dr Ricardo Nogales (OPHI, University of Oxford), Dr Christian Oldiges (OPHI, University of Oxford)

Monday 18 February
How effective are CCT programs in reducing multiple deprivations? Some insights from Philippines’ 4Ps program
With: Dr Suman Seth (University of Leeds Business School)

Monday 11 February
Material deprivation and intra-household allocation across Europe
With: Dr Tania Burchardt (London School of Economics)

Monday 4 February
Child poverty in South Asia
With: Dr Sabina Alkire (OPHI, University of Oxford)

Monday 21 January
Assessing deprivation with ordinal variables: depth sensitivity and poverty aversion
With: Dr Gaston Yalonetzky (University of Leeds, Business School)

Monday 14 January
Women's empowerment in Tunisia: a discrete choice experiment to elicit weights for a multidimensional index
With: Dr Natalie Quinn (OPHI, University of Oxford)