Research Paper: 65a

Analyzing Individual Deprivations alongside Household Poverty: Possibilities for Gendered, Intrahousehold, and Multidimensional Analyses

Most poverty measures identify a household as poor based on achievements of all its members, hence gendered and intrahousehold inequalities are not illuminated even when data for individual household members exist. This paper provides a framework for jointly analysing individual deprivations alongside poverty status and composition, to illuminate gendered and intrahousehold disparities and intergenerational patterns. The illustration applies the methodology to multidimensional poverty in seven countries in South Asia and monetary poverty in Pakistan. The paper thus prototypes a general methodology that can be incorporated into standard poverty reporting to shine a light jointly on individual deprivations and household poverty.

Citation: Alkire, S. and Ul Haq, R. (2023). ‘Analyzing individual deprivations alongside household poverty: Possibilities for gendered, intrahousehold and multidimensional analyses’, OPHI Research in Progress No. 65a, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford.