Review of the Course & Communicating Your Multidimensional Measure

Sabina Alkire


Joanne Tomkinson

  • Recapping key lessons and topics covered during the course
  • Communicating your multidimensional poverty measure.
  • OPHI’s experience in communicating the global MPI.
  • General communication advice.

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Guide to video

Part 1: Overview of the Course

00:00 Introduction

03:13 Axioms in the multidimensional space

06:00 Why new emphasis on multidimensional measures?

09:00 The challenges to multidimensional poverty measures

09:55 The Alkire Foster method – short overview

11:45 Informal glossary of terms in the AF method

12:34 Examples of case studies applying the Alkire Foster method: the global MPI, Mexico, Colombia

(18:00 – Technical interruption in the video)

17:55 Sen, data constraints, and the capability approach

18:58 The six essential choices which you have to consider when constructing an Alkire Foster based measure, and the source of information that can guide you in these choices

19:54 In practise – justify your measure

23:33 The normative issues

24:27 Stochastic dominance and justification for the method

26:58 Standard errors, vital for comparisons

27:35 Decomposition by subgroup and indictor/dimension

30:00 Factor analysis and redundancy, strengths and weaknesses

33:00 Missing dimensions

34:08 The political context

Part 2: Communicating Your Measure – the Actions after you have Computed Your Measure

34:55 Introduction

35:42 Why communicate your measure?

36:49 Find the human angle to your measure – it is not simple to communicate complex measures, find your killer statistics

39:02 A starting point and the building blocks (goals, audiences, messages, and products)

41:00 Audience type

42:11 Outputs and channels

44:38 Choose your messages carefully

45:14 Think about media diversity

47:40 Media tactics – e.g. press releases

48:51 Examples of media coverage of the global MPI 2010

49:53 Tips to communication

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