Review of the Course


Sabina Alkire

  • Recapping key lessons and topics covered during the course


Video (with guide)


Guide to the video

00:00: Introduction

01:06: OPHI at a glance

02:05: OPHI’s research – two themes

04:35: Why do we measure multidimensional poverty? (ethical, technical, empirical and policy motivations)

08.33: Unidimensional poverty measurement

10:20: Axioms of multidimensional poverty measurement

14:43: Methods of multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis

19:04: Global Multidimensional Poverty Index

23:48: Alkire Foster methodology

25:49: What is the Capability Approach?

29:16: Normative considerations for multidimensional poverty measures

34.05: Case studies – National multidimensional poverty measures

37:33: Data issues in multidimensional poverty measurement

40:39: Decomposition of multidimensional poverty measures

41:21: Changes in poverty over time

43:42: Chronic poverty measurement

44:45: Dominance and robustness

46:14: Standard errors and confidence intervals

47:20: Inequality among the poor

49:50: Regression analysis

51:45: Policy and communication

54:18: Targeting and impact

57:05: Institutions and policy