Missing Dimensions of Poverty Survey in Chile

The ‘Missing Dimensions of Poverty’ dataset collected in Chile is the first nationally representative survey to include the five OPHI modules. The data contains indicators of quality of work, empowerment, physical safety, the ability to go without shame and psychological wellbeing – in addition to standard poverty data already collected on income, health, education, housing quality and employment. OPHI has collaborated with Ministerio de Planificación y Cooperación (MIDEPLAN), República de Chile and Centro de Microdatos, Facultad de Economía y Negocios and Universidad de Chile to collect and compile these data.

The new survey was administered in 2008/9 to a subsample of 2,000 households from the 2006 CASEN household survey (Encuesta de Caracterización Socioeconómica Nacional). In addition to the new data, all the CASEN 2006 data are available for the surveyed households, and numerous questions from the 2006 CASEN were repeated: the entire income module, most of the employment module, and several questions on health, education and housing. Therefore, the dataset has interesting panel, as well as cross-sectional, elements.

Analyses of the data include:

  • Comparing unidimensional and multidimensional poverty measures
  • Using cluster analysis to define a taxonomy of households according to their multidimensional wellbeing
  • Correlates of income poverty (and Missing Dimensions)
  • Income shifts and the Missing Dimensions
  • Social benefit receipts and the Missing Dimensions
  • New measures of gender inequality in Chile according to the Missing Dimensions
  • Social polarization and inequality measures using Missing Dimensions
  • Multidimensional aspects of child poverty in Chile using the Missing Dimensions
  • Links between self employment and subjective wellbeing
  • Female labour force participation and Missing Dimensions
  • Measuring the quality of employment in Chile from the capability perspective
  • Entrepreneurship, self-employment and welfare
  • Quality of employment and ‘decent work’
  • Quality of employment and job satisfaction
  • Comparing psychological/subjective wellbeing and objective deprivations
  • A descriptive analysis and validity testing of the module on shame and humiliation and its link to group inequality
  • A descriptive analysis and validity testing of the module on physical safety
  • A descriptive analysis and validity testing of the empowerment module

Dataset available to download

The full dataset is available to researchers who are working with OPHI and who have signed a Data Share Agreement. These correspond to all the accepted proposals from the ‘Call for Proposals for Analysis of Chilean data on Missing Dimensions’ made public on our website. If you have received a password, the Chilean data can be accessed here.

Resources (add version and date to metadata of each document)

Full Original MD Questionnaire Implemented in Chile – Spanish
Full MD Questionnaire in Chile – English Translation
Full Report from MICRODATOS (Zip file)