Read online: First chapter of OPHI book on multidimensional poverty measurement now available

The first chapter of OPHI’s forthcoming book, ‘Multidimensional Poverty Measurement and Analysis’, is now available to read online  and download as a working paper.

The book provides an in-depth account of multidimensional poverty measurement, with a particular focus on the Alkire Foster method. It is aimed at graduate students in quantitative social sciences, researchers of poverty measurement, and technical staff in governments and international agencies.

Chapter one presents the motivations for a multidimensional approach to poverty measurement. It argues that poverty measures should not focus solely on income, as this overlooks people that experience other forms of deprivation, such as a lack of education or employment, inadequate housing, or poor health and nutrition. By presenting a vivid picture of how and where people are poor, within and across countries and regions, multidimensional poverty measures can help policymakers target resources at those most in need. The chapter ends with a discussion of how the Alkire Foster method can be used to measure multidimensional poverty.

‘Multidimensional Poverty Measurement & Analysis’, by Sabina Alkire, James Foster, Suman Seth, Maria Emma Santos, José  Manuel Roche and Paola Ballon, will be published in hardcopy in June 2015 and can be pre-ordered from Oxford University Press.

Electronic versions of the chapters will be made available on the book website ahead of hardcopy publication, along with related study and teaching resources. Find out more about the book.

Read chapter one

Chapter one is published online and is also available to download as an OPHI working paper.