Properties of Multidimensional Measures

Instructor: María Emma Santos, OPHI Research Officer

Class Objectives:
· Properties of multidimensional inequality measures that are natural extensions of the unidimensional framework.
· Properties specific to multidimensional inequality measures.
· Multidimensional poverty measures: issues of identification and aggregation.
· Properties of multidimensional poverty measures that are natural extensions of the unidimensional framework.
· Properties specific to multidimensional poverty measures


Reading List
Basic readings:
ALKIRE, S. and J. FOSTER. (2008): “Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement”, Working Paper No 7, Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative.
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Further readings:

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Suggestions on applied research on the topic:

BOURGUIGNON and CHAKRAVARTY (2003) contains an empirical application of the proposed family of multidimensional poverty indices to the case of rural Brazil.
ALKIRE and FOSTER (2008) OPHI Working Paper contains an empirical illustration of the proposed measures to the US and Indonesia.
LUGO (2005) contains an estimation of multidimensional inequality indices to Argentina.
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