Poverty and the UNDP 20th Anniversary Human Development Report

In 2010, extreme poverty is rated as the most serious global issue facing the world today. When an annual global poll of 25,000 people across 23 countries conducted for BBC World Service asked people how serious they thought each of a range of global problems were, 71% of people rated poverty as the most serious issue, over climate change, terrorism, or the state of the global economy.

Yet efforts to reduce poverty are often hampered by a lack of useful information to guide policy. OPHI is joining forces with the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report Office (UNDP HDRO) to develop an internationally comparable measure of acute multidimensional poverty that will tell us more about the drivers of poverty across the world. The new results of this work will be released later this year and contribute towards the 2010 UNDP Human Development Report 20 Years On: Pushing the Frontiers of Human Development.

Since the first report was published in 1990, the global human development reports have become some of the most influential analyses on this subject. 2010 marks the twentieth anniversary of the human development report and offers an opportunity to reappraise its contribution and to make the case for a new human development vision to meet the challenges and opportunities of the twenty-first century. To celebrate the anniversary, UNDP HDRO is posting a monthly online column on some of the key concepts that contribute to the human development approach.

You can read columns by Jeni Klugman on ‘Pushing the Frontiers of Human Development’ and Francisco R Rodríguez on ‘Trends in Human Development’, and sign up to UNDP HDR’s email list for important updates and news in the run up to the report’s release.

Read the results of the BBC World Service Poll.