Population Subgroup Decomposition and Dimensional Breakdown

Suman Seth

  • The calculation of decomposition by subgroup and dimensions.
  • The calculation of the contribution of each dimension’s censored headcount to overall poverty, as well as each subgroup’s.


Video (with guide)

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00:48 Focus of the lecture

5:15 Properties of subgroups in AF method

6:48 Population subgroup decomposability

8:38 Example of a calculation with achievement matrix

17:01 Demonstration with Nigeria and India data

20:34 Illustration of national and sub-national disparities evinced from 2011 MPI data

22:22 Clarification of basic concepts underlying dimensional breakdown: Dimensional decompositions, or the censored headcount for each dimensions. M1 and M2 have the same decomposition properties and calculations are similar.

33:19 Calculation using an achievement matrix

36:20 Computing censored headcount ration of each dimensional

37:23 Discussion of uncensored versus censored headcount ratio

38:36 Calculation of contribution of dimension to overall poverty

39:00 Relationship between M0 and uncensored headcount ratio in union approach

43:06 Calculation using example of achievement matrix

44:12 Using equal weights when calculating the contribution of each dimension

44:55 Example of countries with same MPI but different contributions of dimensions across indicators