Job Title: Research Associate
Contact Details: Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI)
Oxford Department of International Development
Queen Elizabeth House (QEH), University of Oxford
3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB.
Tel: +44 1865 618644


José Manuel is currently a Head of Research at Save the Children UK. He holds a DPhil from the University of Sussex and has over twenty years of research and consultancy experience in international development, poverty analysis, social inequality, human development, and the capability approach. He is currently a research associate at OPHI at the Department of International Development in the University of Oxford, and is a Junior Research Fellow at Somerville College in the University of Oxford. He is also an Education Officer and a Member of the Executive council (elected 2012-2015) of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA), the coordinator of the Quantitative Research Thematic Group at the HDCA (since 2009) and a research fellow at the Social Science Research Centre (CISOR) in Venezuela. He was awarded the 2007 Wiebke Kuklys Prize, and is a Chevening Alumnus (2004/06).

Areas of Expertise

International development, poverty analysis, social inequality, child poverty, human development, and capability approach.


2009 DPhil in Sociology, University of Sussex, UK
Thesis: ‘Capabilities and group inequalities: Measuring geographical and social class inequalities in housing adequacy in Venezuela’

2005 MSc (Distinction) in Social Research Methods, University of Sussex, UK

1999 BA (Hons) in Sociology, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, Venezuela

Selected Publications

Online since Dec 2013 – ‘Compromising Conventions: Dissonance and Indifference towards full-time maternal employment in Denmark, Spain, Poland & the UK‘(with Jacqueline O’Reilly and Tiziana Nazio), Journal of Work, Employment & Society.

2013 – ‘Monitoring progress in child poverty reduction: methodological insights and illustration to the case study of Bangladesh‘, Journal of Social Indicators Research, June 2013, Volume 112, Issue 2, pp 363-390. Previous version available as OPHI Working Paper 57.

2013 – ‘Where do the World’s Multidimensionally Poor People Live?‘ (with Sabina Alkire and Andy Sumner), OPHI Working Paper 61.

2013 – Estratificación social en Venezuela: revelando la estructura latente a la desigualdad en “capacidades”, en Matilde Parra de Niño y Verónica Zubillaga (Ed.) Hacer sociología en Venezuela juntos con Alberto Gruson, Caracas: Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

2012 – Análisis multidimensional de la pobreza en Venezuela por entidades federales entre 2001 y 2010 (with Cesar Gallo), Serie de Documentos N° 131, Caracas: Banco Central de Venezuela.

2012 – ‘Beyond Headcount: Measures that Reflect the Breadth and Components of Child Poverty’   (with Sabina Alkire),  in Alberto Minujin and Shailen Nandy (Ed.) Global Child Poverty and Well-Being: Measurement, Concepts, Policy and Action, Bristol: The Policy Press, p 103 – 134.  An earlier version as OPHI Working Paper 45 in 2011.

2012 – ‘Beyond Headcount: The Alkire-Foster Approach to Multidimensional Child Poverty Measurement’   (with Sabina Alkire),  in Isabel Ortiz, Louise Moreira Daniels and Sólrún Engilbertsdóttir (Ed.) Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives, New York: UNICEF Division of Policy and Practice, p 18 – 22. A print version of the Child Poverty Insights from October 2009.

2011 – Las dimensiones de la pobreza en Venezuela y sus cambios entre 1997 y 2010: propuesta de una medida multidimensional (with Cesar Gallo), Serie de Documentos N° 126, Caracas: Banco Central de Venezuela.

2011 – ‘Sub-national Disparities and Inter-temporal Evolution of Multidimensional Poverty across Developing Countries’ (with Sabina Alkire and Suman Seth), OPHI Research in Progress 32a

2009 – ‘Operationalization of the capability approach, from theory to practice: a review of techniques and empirical applications’ (with Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti) in Chiappero-Martinetti, E. (Ed.) Debating Global Society: Reach and Limits of the Capability Approach. Milan: Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli.

2009 – ‘Capability and Group Inequalities: Revealing the latent structure’, OPHI Research in Progress 18

2009 – ‘Child Poverty Measurement: An Assessment of Methods and an Application to Bangladesh’, OPHI Research in Progress 11; Social Indicators Research, 112(2): 363-390, June 2013.

2009 – ‘The United Kingdom: From flexible employment to vulnerable workers’ (with Jacqueline O’Reilly, John MacInnes and Tizana Nazio) in Vosko , L. F., M. MacDonald and I. Campbell (Ed.) Gender and the Contours of Precarious Employment. New York: Routledge (Series: IAFFE Advances in Feminist Economics).

2008 – ‘Monitoring Inequality among Social Groups: A Methodology Combining Fuzzy Set Theory and Principal Component Analysis’, Journal of Human Development, 9 (3). A previous version is available as Working Paper at CISOR.

2005 – ‘Información Social: Material Instruccional’ (with Claudia Giménez, Cecilia Torres, Élida Di Bonaventura) Serie Cuadernos Técnicos Nº 23. Fundación Escuela de Gerencia Social. Caracas: Ediciones FEGS.

2004 – ‘Atlas del Desarrollo Humano en Venezuela’ [CD-ROM] (with Proyecto Sisteem), Caracas: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas – Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo.

2003 – ‘Identificación de microáreas sociales homogéneas: una metodología para el Sistema de Información Social Municipal y de las Comunidades’ (with Roger Pece), Caracas: Proyecto PNUD-INE.

2002 – ‘Caracterización, Tipología y Clasificación Municipal de Venezuela: Una Medición del Desarrollo Humano a Nivel Municipal’ (with Claudia Giménez, José Luis Fernandez, Carlos Noguera, Cecilia Torres, Elida Di Bonaventura, Beatriz Barrot, Gerardo Correa), Sistema de Información para la Gestión Local, Caracas: Instituto Nacional de Estadística – Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo.

1999 – ‘The educational conditions in the agricultural areas of Venezuela’ (with Alberto Gruson, Tito Lacruz, and Paola Signorini), commissioned by Fundación Polar, Caracas: CISOR.

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