WEBINAR: Impact Evaluation using the Alkire-Foster Multidimensional Outcome Measures

Dr Ana Vaz, Senior Research Officer at OPHI, led a webinar presenting OPHI’s new research project on the use of Alkire-Foster class of measures in evaluating the impact of social protection schemes. The webinar held on Monday March 20 2017 included a two-hour presentation followed by a Q&A and covered:


Impact Evaluation using AF measures

  1. introduction to OPHI’s impact evaluation research plans and activities for 2017;
  2. illustration of the type of impact evaluation using AF measures;
  3. discussion on challenges and solutions to issues that may arise in such analyses;

The webinar provided an opportunity for a lively discussion on the prospects of using the Alkire Foster method for multidimensional impact evaluation in different contexts.

  • PowerPoint Presentation available here.