How to Fight Child Poverty Multidimensionally

A blog by OPHI Research Officer Christian Oldiges shows how governments can easily apply the Alkire-Foster (AF) Method to identify multidimensionally poor children and compute an index to guide public policy. The blog, Fighting Child-Poverty Multidimensionally: A Headline and a Toolbox, explains how governments can apply the AF Method – a flexible technique for measuring poverty – to compute Child Multidimensional Poverty Indices (C-MPIs).

Oldiges, who has practical experience of helping design C-MPIs in several South Asian and Sub-Saharan African countries, produced the blogpost for the End Child Poverty global coalition as a reflection on their Putting Children First international conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (October 23-25, 2017).

“Importantly for policy makers and the public, a C-MPI is very transparent, as any change in the C-MPI can be traced to each and every indicator. This is a unique feature and makes the C-MPI an ideal tool for child focused public policies,” writes Oldiges.