New: Atkinson Commission Report ‘Monitoring Global Poverty’

The World Bank has this week published a major new report entitled Monitoring Global Poverty carried out by the Commission on Global Poverty led by Sir Anthony Atkinson. The Commission was set up in 2015 by the World Bank’s Chief Economist to advise the World Bank on “how to measure and monitor global poverty” in monetary and non-monetary domains.

The Atkinson Commission Report has elaborated a comprehensive agenda of 21 recommendations for the World Bank on Global Poverty from how to handling price movements in monetary poverty measurement to how to develop complementary indicators and non-monetary poverty measures, including multi-dimensioned poverty indicators based on the counting approach.

The Atkinson Commission Report was released with a Cover Note to the Report signed by World Bank Chief Economist Paul Romer, Ana Revenga Senior Director, Poverty and Equity Global Practice and Francisco H. G. Ferreira Senior Advisor, Development Research Group, which is available here.

OPHI lauds both the new report on poverty measurements and the Bank’s cover note introducing it.

The Report received its Oxford launch on the 4th November at the Oxford Martin School when Sir Tony Atkinson spoke. This event was broadcast live here.


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